Part 2- It Wasn't Perfect

I thought after my risky move to take *Jasmine's hand and wrap her arm around me would make things awkward the next day. But instead, she came right out and told me she had feelings towards me. I had never been in a relationship with a girI before, but I found the possibility of it exciting. I expressed my feelings too. Strong feelings sprouted from only a few times we have spent with the pleasure of each other's company.

Before her, I never believed in love at first sight. Sure, her looks make her a goddess.But her personality is what drew me to her. I was an addict to her words.

It wasnt long before we began to hang out more and more. I couldn't get enough, and what made it even better was for once, neither could she. My past relationship was with a man named *Jory, a few years wiser than me with a few years more worth of heartache. His previous heartbreak could be reflected on how he treated me afraid to get too close. Afraid to fall past that fine line. Jasmine actually wanted me just as much as I wanted her. I could hardly believe it myself.

BUT our relationship was not perfect.

She had a boyfriend. Dated him for 6 years. They were each others first and she was his everything. Problem was, he was never enough for her. He was aware of this and told her she could date other girls while they dated. In previous years, i would never consider being the 3rd person. But love, perhaps madness drove me to accept this.

It wouldve been easier if i didnt like the guy. Problem was, i thought he was great. We all got along. But it wasnt long before he began to feelcas though he was being pushed out of the picture and he and Jasmine mutually ended it.

Another issue : her crazy ex gf from the summer of 2012. She would call and text Jasmine for hours. Jasmine would tell me she had to act civil with her because the girl...her name being Tonya, had hundreds of dollars worth of Jasmines stuff at her house in Ohio that she needed to go get. She set the date to go get the stuff in October. I wanted to go with her but i had a big tennis tournament that day. Little didi know, Jasmine didnt have the money for a hotel. She told me the day before she was expected to go that she would have to stay the night at Tonyas house IN Tonyas bed.

I wouldnt have it. I told her if she goes, it would be over between us...she never did go to get her stuff. Tonya got mad and blocked her. Havent heard from her since.

knablec17 knablec17
18-21, F
Jan 20, 2013