Uummmm What's Pansexual?

No really, what is it??? LOL... I must be outta the loop.
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Pansexual is loving someone not being sexually attracted to them but personality wise meaning they can be boy, girl,trans,gay,bi really any sexuality and you still love them

It refers to somone who can love people of all genders. Including trasgender and all the othet less recognised genders.

difference between bi and pan, bi does not mean you are willing to be with a MTF or FTM, or any of the other ways people classify themselves.

It also means that you are guided and attracted by using your heart which is a primary organ :O)

Actually, my understanding is that it just means that with regard to sexuality, you are unconcerned with any sort of traditional gender roles. Many people might question how this is different that bisexuality, since that term implies interest in both one's own gender as well as the opposite (as in my case, where I adore women, but have very strong sexual feelings towards men as well). But the difference is that pansexuality takes into consideration that humans cannot all be simply classified as male or female. There are those who were "mis-gendered" at birth, who to some degree feel as though their true gender is different than their biological gender. I enjoy sexual activities with humans of every persuasion, whether male, female or TGs at various levels of transformation. Sexually speaking, the whole idea of gender really doesn't matter to me. Emotionally, I relate more to the feminine, and for that reason will always seek deeper, longer-lasting emotional relationships with women, but that will not change my physical attraction to those of all genders.<br />
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Does anyone care to point out the flaws in my opinions? I am certainly no expert! But these are my opinions, and it is what *I* mean when I say I am pansexual.

seeing this for the first time i wld like to point out that there are considerd by many to be six genders. they are based upon physical attribute, hormone levels and mind set. i believe that one should remain of their natural born gender physically. if your born with male genitalia enjoy it, same goes for females. (i dont remeber where hermapherdites fit in. this was three yrs ago in my sociology class) in way of hormones you are either estrogen or testosterone dominate. which will effect your mind and body no matter your gender. last of all your mind set. i personally believe that the mindset of one to believing they are one gender or another is purely enviromental. what goes on around you from birth affects your every move forward. Homo, hetero and bi sexuality are a choice that is influenced by your every day life. hormones change throughout your life such as in utero and puberty. last of all your mother n father was the deciding factor to your physical appereance. love who you are as you are. thats what i believe. im a guy that shows signs of estrogen but i had plenty of testosterone too. at 22 my chest look like buds. this isnt a bad thing we all have the same chest, just some are more developed than others. its all interesting but in the end the male and female bodies were designed to procreate. they fit each other and should be together. but how you dress act and what you like may be very different.

oh no flaws at all, i would say. but i would add that it extends to transvestites, hermaphrodites, those with no sexual orientaion. we are all just people, and I love people for who they are on the inside.

Yes, of course, greenunderthesun, I include transvestites (which are more accurately referred to as transgenders, or TGs) and hermaphrodites (which are more accurately referred to as intersexed.) And it also includes asexuals. I did not mean to exclude ANYONE... that's the point of pansexuality... it means having an open mind to physical intimacy with people of ANY sexual orientation and preference, and physicality.

Actually britnude, ********** (i pass no judgment) has naught to do with pansexuality.

I will second that, razael. An animal cannot understand a sexual relationship, so I feel it is wrong to force sex upon an animal, or to use an animal for sexual pleasure. I am an animal lover, and I believe this falls under the categories of cruelty or abuse of animals.

Being pansexual means a couple of things. It means that you agree that gender is fluid, made up of more than just male/female, and also that you disregard gender when it comes to who you're physically and/or sexually attracted to. <br />
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That may be over simplifying it, but there ya go.

Sounds pretty accurate to me, rjcg