Pansexual Not Bi-sexual

Recently there have been so many new terms it is confusing as to who is what or sees him-, her- or hiermself as what exactly. I guess we are all trying to find the exact place where we could fit in and hopefully find a few kindred spirits.

As for myself I have often felt sort of different then the regular person. I dressed as society dictated and behaved to a degree acceptable as well though at times I broke free and might have worn something more outrageous or acted differently.

I never fell in love easily but when I did it was like diving from a rock into a lake far beneath. Often I woke up chilled once I hit the water but climbed up again. Yes, there were times when I felt attracted sexually to a specifically beautiful specimen of human kind but most of all I felt hunger for the soul, the beauty of a spirit. A woman speaking with passion or eloquently voicing her opinion was to be as much a turn on as a man leading an intelligent discussion. I am not saying that I probably would make passionate love most likely in a college auditorium or the senate but I think you get my drift. Of course I admit that certain physical attributes can be huge turn on, it would be ridiculous to deny that but it really doesn't matter to me if the person is trans, male, female or whatever. We place too much importance on gender as is instead of appreciating what a person can offer.

If you look the term up pansexual in wikipedia it describes rather well what I think it truly means.

Bennu Bennu
2 Responses Feb 23, 2009

I totally and whole-heartedly agree. I have been confused on this term, pansexual, until a friend clarified it for me. Then I said...AHA! That's ME! I am not a superficial person, nor have I been selective in my relationships by gender. I see a person...first and foremost. It's the soul and spirit of the person I connect with. I have always felt this way...and I'm glad that I am pansexual!

Ahhh you voiced it perfectly~ :) I feel the exact same way. It's difficult to realize you're different, but I love it.