I haven't used EP in a while but I want to say a few things.

- I'm looking for friends who would would be open to talking !
- I've wanted someone who can be with me and except me for me.. (Looking at my profile will introduce you to little bits about myself)
- I'm open to Guys , Girls , Trans-Girls , Trans-Guys , anything else , even if you don't go by any name or gender
- I'm Pansexual
- I Cross-Dress on occasion , I'm not very good at it , nor am I brave enough too in public

That's a little bit about me, if you read this and it sounds like you , Message me , Comment , Like.
I'd love to get to talking to more people , genuine people.
- Also, if you need advice I'm there for that too / I'll help with what I can!

Please don't be scared to say hi!

ThinkDiff ThinkDiff
22-25, M
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Men , Im ROFLing here 😝 You should hold a pensexual convention in a Disneyland xD

I feel you may need to go back to school and grow some balls.

Nice to hear this coming from a male for a change. Think people are born 'pansexual'. Everyone is born with the ability to love everyone and anything.

I have to agree , I don't know if I've met or known many Male Pansexuals.
But , they're out there! I do love everyone =p

Me too! People say Im greedy. How ignorant is that?

Greedy for liking everyone ??

Yeh exactly

That's pretty selfish for people to say that. I love everyone, how giving are we!

Unfortunately that is most people these days. The world needs more like us!

I agree. A lot more =)

Well it's nice to meet you

You as well !

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