It feels like no one understands that I'm attracted to the mind of a person, not the gender...
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I understand...

Not many people know what pansexuality is, that's all! Give it a few years and people will slowly learn.

It's almost always the case, that if someone doesn't have it themselves, it's hard for them to understand it.

nice one

Some people understand, its just a new way of thinking

Preach :3

i understand. cause for me is not about the persons gender and i dont like labelling people. it's either i like you or i dont

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how is that different from bi-sexuality where the gender doesn't matter>?

bisexuality is an attraction to both men and women. I'm attracted to men, women and everything in between... (i.e transgender, transsexual, trans*)

And asexuals?

Asexual's aren't sexually attracted to anyone.

True just romantically on occasion :)
Just double checking.

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mind games are better than any else thing on this world

I love your brain

I'm the exact same way =)