In the 17 years that I've lived, I've only dated one person- a guy. But I can't possibly see my self rejecting someone because of their gender, could it be that I'm Pan?
illiy illiy
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 2, 2014

If you have a sexual attraction to both men and women, And I mean sexual, your probably bi. If you ALSO have a sexual attraction with trans-genders and gender queer people, then your pan.

I don't feel sexual attraction towards any gender, that's why I identify as Asexual, but I don't mind being in a romantic relationship with a transgendered , male , female, or a gender queer person, anyone really. I look at everyone equally.

Then your asexual as you've already figured out.

Being pansexual cannot mean emotionally attached? For example panromantic?

I believe it can mean that. Or that you can be both pan and ace. ^~^

Oh, thank you x)

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