Pretty Much...

I'm pretty sure I am Pansexual.

For thee longest time I couldn't really categorize where my sexuality belonged or should be. It would easy for me to say I was bisexual just to have a label but then again it was hard at the same time. I just love people in general. I love all the things that make people unique and I desire to help people "be" or discover who they really are :)

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2 Responses Jan 10, 2010

Pansexuals in what I've understood the "label" to mean is being attracted to straight, bi, homosexual, and transgendered people. It is true being attracted to people period no matter their orientation would be pansexual. I personally find myself attracted to every type of orientation. I dislike labels and most pans I know identify more as "queer" throwing away gender roles and just being a person.

It is hard to find a word that properly describes one's identity. Especially since identity is incredibly fluid. Sounds like you find some solace in identifying as pansexual though, and that's great. I first came out as bisexual, and now I find that pansexual fits me much better. I still have issues with labels sometimes, but they can be nice for community and explaining oneself to others. I like what you said about loving people in general--I couldn't agree more. Everyone is so different, I can't say I can only fall in love with a certain type.