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I mean I don't see how physical appearance has anything to do with what attracts me. I think that even when i am attracted to someone's physical appearance it is always because of its relativity to that person's personality. You know? It's like the way you are actually makes you look great not the other way around!

I don't know how else to put it but i could be attracted to any one anywhere!

What gets me is how you carry yourself and how you project your thoughts. 

Who you are and who you think you are, that is attractive!

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4 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Well said!
Thus real beauty is on the inside.
As it reaches the outer surface it projects an impression to the eye of the beholder.
And some can see the real you even when one can not see it themselves

Wow...another person like me!!!??? I am so glad to be on this site and realize that people are people. I know a few people that feel this way in person, but after seeing people's comments, I am realizing just how many people feel this very way. I love people too and can fall in love with someone because of their personality and that does make them attractive. I have a relationship that began that very way...and it's the best one I've ever had. I followed my instincts and intuition and didn't let society dictate what was "expected" of me.

You said it right, "i just love people"!!

I agree with you. I am attracted to all types of people straight, gay, transgendered, pansexual, etc. It goes beyond sex even though sex is fun, I just love people.