Just Some Neck Pain.

I'd had chronic neck pain for about 17 years. Tried physical therapy several times and many different pain meds w/out relief. Finally saw a neurosurgeon who said I needed a cervical laminectomy. It was a VERY low risk surgery. I was told I was young and healthy other than the neck pain. I'd be out of the hospital in 2 days and back to work in 2 weeks. Surgery was on April 20, 2012, I awoke from surgery unable to move. They performed an emergency MRI and an immediate second surgery. Still unable to move, I spent 5 days in ICU, 5 weeks in acute rehab, and 4 1/2 month in a rehab unit in a nursing home. I'm really hoping for some input from someone else w a little "experience" in a similar situation. I feel so lost and completely broken.
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What happened? Did they damage your spinal cord in the surgery?

Hi - I wanted to reach out to you. Although I don' have this exact experience I had a cervical laminectomy at age 3 & 12 for a tumor. I had lost use of my left arm. I'm 38 now and my neurosurgeon said I will slowly become paralyzed due to the deformity in my spine and all the stretching. I wish I could fix our conditions but all I can do is tell you that you are not alone. Please try to have at least one moment of joy a day because it is so hard to get lost it the negative. This is not your fault. Check out Facebook to join the Spinal Cord Tumor support group. Keep fighting.

never give up keep the faith and keep trying