My Mam

My mam was a active lady who loved family life. She started developing pains in her legs and finding it hard to walk long distances without stopping she went to the doctors n had tests at the hospital and they decided to do an aortic triple bypass in her stomach and legs, because her arteries was abit blocked. And with her being fit she would be fine? After she had the op she was quite poorly and after a while come home to recover but took a turn for the worse, she had an infection. It's a long story but after messing her about in and out of hospital and on iv antibiotics for 3 years she had septercemia Mrsa ecoli and many more problems. After a long battle they decided what should of been done years earlier to reverse the triple bypass graft. It was full of infection. They took her to theatre from 930am to 730pm they took the graft bypass out and had to replace it with a new triple bypass. She was very poorly. The doctors told the family it all went well and when they woke her up from sedation the next day because they was giving her body a rest, she had no feeling in her legs. She had an emergency MRI scan which revealed she's paralysed frm t10 in her spine we are devastated she's incontenent and still can't move her bottom half. We have got a solicitor who is working on the case but there saying what has happened they haven't got enough evidence what's happened to get justice for her being paralysed I just can't understand this we can get them done for other things they done wrong during her nearly 3 years in and out of hospital. But not paralysed has or does anybody know someone who has ever experienced this problem? My mam went through all the concent forms with myself before the op and it doesn't state that this is a problem that can occur please help we need justice x
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Jan 14, 2013