I Am Paranoid And Depressed...

Well, lets start off with I am 20 years old right now, and since I been 5 I have had panic attacks but not to bad, when I was about 16 I started experiencing pretty bad panic attacks and over the years it seems to be getting worse. I know this sounds really stupid but heres the thing, one of my older cousins in her 50's called me stupid one day and I started to think I was stupid...I had panics attacks almost everyday since I been 16 thinking I am stupid, I can finction normally and everything I am a straight A student in college, but yet I still have feelings I am stupid. I am now a mother of 2 boys who I love with my life they help me with my panic attacks when I have one everyday but I just want them to stop, does any one have any advice or feel like I do? I also get paranoid just going places sometimes, I feel like everything around is for some reason not real, but in all reality I know it is and I tell myself to snap out of it and everything is ok but I dont know, I started taking omega 3 fish oils today and I read that it is beneficial for mutiple things including anxiety, so I am hoping that maybe that helps. Have any of you reading this took omege 3's and does it actually work for anxiety?

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No offense to the later comment but pills and doctors cant and wont help. Pills arent meant to stop the cause of the "problem", they are only meant to change the affects that gives the illusion the "problem" is gone. I suffered with ADD, ADHD, Bi-polar, and have even been diagnosed with PS. These "problems" werent created by my lack of drugs so to believe that taking drugs will solve the "problem" makes no sense. The "problem" starts with you and is created by you so came to understand yourself and you will come to understand your "problem". The key to truly understanding an affect is by observing the cause. Observe yourself and be aware of yourself. Be patient with results and let go of your expectations of what results you seek. The main thing that is important is to understand your state of being. When you come to understand yourself then you can come to accept yourself. These "problems" you have arent really problems at all, they are you and you are not a problem. I believe when we deny ourselves and the small things that make us who we are, this causes those "small things" to act out in ways that give it the attention it wants. Come to accept them because thats all "they" want. If a child wants attention and you brush them off, they will only want more until they see no choice but to act out in ways that force you to pay more attention to them. Pay attention to your child-pay attention to your "problem"(it is not a problem, it is you. The problem isnt you but your denial of who you are). Come to understand it, not get rid of it because you cant, it is a part of you. By understanding it you will be allowed to accept it. Understand yourself-accept yourself-love yourself. Doing this, you may notice that it/you stops acting out in ways that force your attention because there is no need acting out to get something you already have. Take care.

First of all, stop beating yourself up over the insensitive opinion of another ... made years age.... next, see a doctor for some anti-depressants... they will make your life easier... do it for your children's sake, so you can enjoy every minute of every day with them.<br />
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I sense there is more here because panic attacks can also be hormonal.<br />
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good luck and hugssssssssssss<br />