I recently quit smoking dope because I would forget to take my medication. I also wasnt eating properly and drinking lots of coffee.  Now I think everybody is talking about me. I am extremely parinoid of late and I feel I will lose my friends. I know reading what I have just written is probably my answer but I'm getting tired of apologizing for my faults. I have always been shy and have always questioned what people are really trying to tell me. This is probably low self esteem but it shames me to have this.  I never tell anyone this because I think they will think I'm crazy and not like me

DreamSCReam DreamSCReam
1 Response Feb 22, 2010

What helps me is just to not read into people's words so much. Remember the logical answer is usually as simple as it seems. Paranoia takes away your reasoning skills. Over thinking every action will lead you way off track. Try to avoid friends who you know talk a lot of sh*t on the regular or put a double meaning on things. find someone with a blunt sense of humor. Who clearly says what they mean. Stick around them.