I Am Extremely Paranoid

I always get scared and start over thinking about how I look when I stand anywhere near someone because all I can think about is that they are judging me and or talking about me to someone else like if I can't hear them and stuff.

I can't trust any one either whenever I'm in a relationship I start going over my first one I ever had and come to the conclusion that he doesn't really love me
and is talking to a thousand different girls and even though I know them really well, I can't help thinking that.

The last thing I am extremely paranoid about is someone looking through my window and watching me, because a year ago I found out my ex use to sit across the road and pretty much watch my house so now I never have my curtains open they always have to be shut and if they aren't I'm to scared to move so I can't even sleep in my bed some nights.
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2 Responses May 12, 2012

Take it day by day and try to help yourself not think like that. I know exactly how you are feeling because I still get paranoid. Time does heal everything. You just gotta start from scratch and put everything together.

Being afraid is normal, but don't let it rule over you, about every single sound can be explained as something completely normal, it's just that the human brain can start associating that sound as a threat to you if you take it too seriously. <br />
You need to find ways to relax, just let all that anxiety go, and you need to keep doing that until that paranoia just goes away.<br />
The fear that someone's watching you, that's also the same case - brain thinking there's a threat, so just try and relax and start enjoying the little things in life. It'll make you feel better.<br />
Relationships come and go, don't let them get you anxious, we have enough of those people down in the "I Have A Broken Heart" section. They're still people, so I don't want to say anything bad about them, in a way, at least.<br />
Like I said, relaxation lets your mind go at ease, and it eliminates all those false alarms it gives to your consciousness.