The Worst Thing Is That My Paranoia Is True!

Yes,everything i have being trough is TOTALLY real.the most sick and disgusting things i have seen and hear are real.people capable of doing this horrible acts to others,people invading your privacy and enjoying such a sick act are among some the things.what i have seen and what i have hear? can not tell right now,in time everything will be reveal.
dontpanic777 dontpanic777
31-35, M
1 Response Jul 24, 2012

I don't know your life. we all walk a different path. But when I see that your trying to stay straight, I applaud you! so many are destroyed by drugs and no reason for that at all. There is life out here, and it's worth living. I wish you the best.

i dont know if il be able to trust anyone...i only trust God from now on.thank you for your wishing,believe it or not any positive action (spoken or wished) it really gets to that person...i wish you the same...blessings