Self Concious

i'm just really self concious and paranoid that i'm being watched by people that i'm walking past, or talked about by a group of whispering people. it's really annoying but i just cant help it, i think that there watching for me to do something wrong, or there talking about something that i may have done wrong, or the way i look or the way i act. i hate being paranoid!

sezy sezy
18-21, F
8 Responses Aug 17, 2007

Same here buddy. It's tough to find a job and to top it off my family friends and partner don't under stand.

Maybe you are pretty, hence, people tend to look at you :). Yes, no one wants that if it becomes a problem. Specially at your age, girls (and boys) tend to be self conscious, and the peer environment is, well, filled with gossip. When you are going out, go with friends, so you don't feel alone and watched. If you are walking alone, think about things you have to do. If the negative thoughts are interfering with your daily activities, seek help. What you need to know is people are so busy with their own lives, they don't have time to think what you are doing, how you are walking, talking, what you are doing wrong etc. Above all, be confident.

Same. I can't even walk to the car from my apartment because I feel people watching me from all the balconies. Even when I'm all alone, I'm nervous. I constantly feel like somebodys watching me, judging me. It's really exhausting just living sometimes. :(

The same. I always think people talk crap about me and laugh at me when I walk past them, and I feel bad about it.

when old groups of leftover trash are stressed out over the economy and their changing neighborhood, they usually pick out girls to sacrifice to their cause. they feel better about <br />
being left over trash. they'll menace it, stalk it, rob it, and run it into the ground. <br />
so a good time is had by all at the expense of a girl a week. it empowers them.<br />
since they are so lacking.

the head games continue, part of the ostrasization process of designating their victims; the victim prefered for these games are usually small, or female. when it is alone. so we can say your just paranoid. crazy, a nut job. discredit the vic before the assaults. a precaution taken by the perps to protect themselves from exposure., because they know it is unacceptable behavior in the general population around them. its something for fun on the sly.

I'm the exact same way.

Maybe they are jealous. Just be yourself, **** what everyone thinks.