Late Night Walks Through My Small Out of the Way Town.

I go for a walk at around 12-2am, and everytime I go I think to myself "the more often you do this the more likely someone is to see you, and the more people that know you're out here alone the more possibilities of being murdered." It's more of a joke than a serious worry at least until recently.

I was walking down this dark street on my way to the park, as I passed by one particular house I noticed that the front door was open and the lights we're on. As I walked by the lights went off and the door closed. It was a crazy coincidence and I told myself not to think about it(and of course I did think about it). I entered the park(there are are no lights, just trees.) as I passed by one particular tree I heard shuffling and bits of leaves and stuff falling down. And then blablabla, the rest of the night I felt like someone was watching me, the same old paranoid crap.

The next night I went I heard that same noise from that same tree, I imediatley went to the main road through the town(which is well lit.) I walked up and down there to see if anyone attempted to follow me, and of course, no one did. I wasn't scared at all just a little nervous, I'm not a very muscular person so if someone wanted to kill me they could, not that I wouldn't put up a good fight.

Am I just paranoid? It's extremely likely, but regardless, I will investigate that tree tonight. It's imporatant that I feel safe in my own town so I must confront this paranoia and prove it to be my own stupidity.

If you don't hear from me tomorrow then I guess I didn't make it.

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I didn't make it.

You are sooo funny!!