I'm Paranoid

It goes through phases.It hasn't been too bad recently which I am happy about and seems to be getting better all of the time.I'm a whole lot more paranoid than I let on,honestly but not just about normal things like whether someone is going to break in or who's talking about you behind your back but about things like along the lines of insects climbing on me at night. :/ I used to spray myself and the bed with bug spray.I've stopped that however.I'm paranoid about how clean the dishes actually are and inspect them before I use them,I smell cups too. :P

I check the window and door locks a few times a night.

When I'm in the shower,there's a little window and the screen is torn.If it's dark out I'll have this feeling like someone is going to tear it completely just to break in. :/

I see things that make me paranoid too.Like the other night,I swore I saw someone looking in the window.I was up and down the whole night.

I'm also slightly paranoid of peoples ability to lie.Maybe everyone I meet is a compulsive liar type thing.

I'm aware it's all my imagination and that is why I don't seem as paranoid as I actually am.

Except when I accuse people of messing with my things,then it shows. :P I promise I'm not insane though! :D

AmayaEkio AmayaEkio
18-21, F
4 Responses Aug 25, 2009

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yeah, i call it vigilant! i can sit up all night waiting for who knows what. check if i have illegal stuff on me when i go out, and i dont stay at any particular place for over 30 minutes. oh and i check if ive locked up 3 or 4 times before im satisfied!

that was a big list of things! but thats good. im the same with the showers, doors being locked and the people touching my things :-) your not insane... just thorough