I keep a lot of big secrets from people in my life and I wonder if they would realize who I am if they stumbled upon my page here. I wonder this a lot.. perhaps too much for my own good. I'm so paranoid that I will be discovered that I take extra steps to prevent one from finding EP through my particular computer.. but really, I don't want anyone to know what I do online, period. I disable history altogether and don't bookmark anything that might reveal something that I intend to hide.

And I know, I shouldn't have to hide certain things like my sexuality for example.. but I'm also far too paranoid to come clean to anyone that I have the slightest doubts over, which is every single close friend and family member. I pick apart conversations and experiences with them all the time and just keep finding more and more reasons to keep certain things to myself. It's exaggerated and over-analyzed usually, but that doesn't comfort me at all.. worst case scenario for someone like me just seems more likely the longer you dwell on it.
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there are some things that some people simply don't need to know. most of my friends have no idea about most of who i am. hang in there bud, we're all in the same boat :)