While Driving

Sure, I'm paranoid throughout the day but nothing can trigger a full blown paranoia attack for me like driving!

I'm actually a good driver. I go exactly the speed limit or slightly under. Only on rare occassions do I catch myself speeding, and always slow down.

I constantly check my mirrors to see who's behind me. If the cops are in view my heart jumps and I feel like they are following me and keeping tabs on me. Like they're psychologically harrassing me.

I see people on the side of the road tha turn out to be mailboxes and trashbins.

It gets especially worse when I see road kill. I live in the south so that happens everyday. Cats, dogs, skunks, etc. Seeing roadkill really gets me edgy and psychotic. Why? i don't know. Maybe because I love animals and I think of how cruel some people are.

I witnesses a car hit a little dog.. and he saw the dog in the road. No doubt about it. He had more than enough time to stop and just little the dog safely cross to the sidewalk. But Nooooo... he wouldn't even slow down. And all the other cars beside and behind him. They just kept going.

It makes me sick. Angry.

I wanted to SHOUT and hit him but i had a passenger and had to remain calm. Gripping the steering wheel. Breath heaving.

Also, I HATE when guys try to talk to me from their cars. "Hey girl! Girl. C'mon girl. where you goin?" **** OFF LOSERS!

Crypt33 Crypt33
22-25, F
Feb 24, 2010