I Don't Understand How But...

i think i really am like this, some sort of demon creature.
i can't begin to explain this and i surely won't want to go advertising a bunch of stuff i think i might do (like a special hability)
i have a part of me who is quite human, but sometimes, something happens and my feelings, my thoughts they all change into something different, different feelings i don't even know how to name them in a way humans reading this would comprehend.
i feel i'm chocking and i feel myself losing control and becoming a monster
i think that, by trying to be "normal" i actually broke the chains that kept the lioness inside me.
now i can't control it anymore. and i actually kind of like this "new me", which concerns me...
for sometimes i feel there's a bunch of entities around me, but i can't see them...

i sound confused for i am confused. this is all to new for me
and i'm not even sure i'm really part demon.
maybe one lives within me
maybe i'm actually an angel and the idea humans have is kind of a misconcept
maybe i'm actually just a predator...

for that was the word i was looking for, i feel like men, women, humans are some sort of prey. i don't really care for them the way i care for other living beings.
i actually prey on them.

oh my. i don't kill or hurt them. i just prey on their emotions and on what they feel and need.
i would like to think i help them be better.
i am restless when i don't suck some emotions out of someone.

and believe me, i have the greatest respect for cats, dogs, birds, frogs... you got the picture.
queengjc queengjc
22-25, F
Nov 29, 2012