Wolf Deamon

My name is Ashley but my deamon name is yet unknown I am currently going by the name my master gave me Momo. I am a wolf deamon I have been seance the day I was born, I was born to serve one person and one person only that's my master..I'm cold hearted i love people's pain it just makes me stronger i love to toy with emotions..I don't trust anyone right away. I have a craving for blood sometimes n I can feel how strong your spiritual energy is the stronger it is the more I crave you and want you...that's all.
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I as well have no Demon name yet

I believe my true form is a white wolf. Large with blue icy eyes. I'm probably being punished though. In 3 dreams He came to me. Said my soul belonged to him. Showed me my true power. But I denied him, shattered 3 dreams. Now I'm a shadowy monster trapped but taking over this numb, fragile, human host... But he recently made me compelled to draw my avatar icon. Told me "Soon..."

Your demonic well I'm nephilim


hello just thinking has your master told you your demonic name yet ?