My Demon

eh its a looong and complicated story that only a few trusted people now, so im only gonna shorten it. i gained my demon from the swirling powers with in me that werent being used.  then my demon formed. i dont know my demons name yet. but i do now its female. its only ever showed once for a brief moment but my friend helped me with that. i do now that my demon is female. a friend of mines demons name was chi and i think that my demon forming aso had something to do with hers.

Hazuki Hazuki
18-21, F
12 Responses Mar 1, 2009

What's u r name kid

I need help

I'm a Christian I believe I am half nephilum A.K.A Fallen Angel and a fallen angel is a demon

I have no idea on what to say about this

if you send me a pic of you (recent is better)I can tell you the name of your demon. :)

Everyone say i have this light inside of me but i dont think i do anymore. It dark inside all that is left are the demons that try to take over.

my friend is really good with supernatral stuff and she says when im older i might become a demon and i was wondering if you or anyone else had any tips cause she dosnt know alote aboutthe demon stuff

Being part demon isn't knowing its name but trying to understand it...

What did she look like and what does she do? I may know her name

Ask Hellscyth.

what i meant by my friend helped me i mean that she pulled me away from my other frined when i almost ripped her apart. and i am not easily influenced by other people i am to much of my own person to be influenced by anyone else.

...Thats not creepy at all... How are you positive that it couldnt just be in your mind, influenced by your friend?