Unchain The Beast

3 beings to my soul, 5 gaurdians....ive been working on finding out what all these are. ive found out all three spirits that make my soul and 2 of 5 gaurdians. the three are  : changling, lynx, and an Incubus. i know the incubus is a demon but idk if he has a name or if its just part of me. ive had alot of weird dreams revolving around this. Even once at a friends house i came dangerously close to a possesion from another demon but i was more powerful. i would like to find a way to discover more about this. i had the chance to perform a past life regression but the guy wasnt willing anymore cause he said hes opened up too many dorrs already. any help would be appreciated.

TheKhaos TheKhaos
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4 Responses Mar 10, 2010

demons can never be killed but can be sent away

can these demon control you when you are awake

where can i find those? i have the necronomicon and it mentions those books on more than one occasion but other than that it doesnt say much

read key of solomon lesser key of solomon and the gotia of solomon will give u good start