Wish I Knew More

The bare facts are quite simple: my father's maternal grandparents consisted of a French immigrant who married a Canadian native, making that portion of my ancestry about as French Canadian as you can get, and the native blood was especially obvious in my father's brothers. With a great-grandmother who was native, that makes me 1/8th, but no information about that side of my heritage other than its existence was passed down through the family to my father's generation, and his mother died when I was two, so nobody still lives who might know more.  I don't even have a clue what tribe might be involved in my ancestry, nor do I have the faintest idea how I would attempt to find out.  (Nor do I know if, once I found out, the active members of that tribe would encourage my desire to find more out about that portion of my heritage or view me as a white wannabe native who has no hope of ever understanding what it is to be native.)
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46-50, M
Sep 12, 2012