And We Continue To Grow

Now overlapping belly. My once hard and ripped abs are covered with a layer of flab. The flab layer flops over my very tight size 34 jeans. Not long ago, 34's would be too huge. Now too tight.

Wife's gut nice round and fat. She waddles and huffs and puffs on our walks. Our bellies love each other and we have no qualms about feeding them
gettingagut gettingagut
5 Responses May 6, 2012

Are you insane. Sorry. I am all for loving each other for who they are and I am far from skinny but if she is huffing and puffing and is in her 50's too....she is NOT healthy. I would say the same if she were starving herself.... She will die! I know that isn't what you want. It sucks...I don't want to be on a ******* diet but I want to stick around long enough to see my niece grow up and accomplish some goals...etc.

I huff and puff now too!

Soon you'll be huffing and puffing too!

Any fat families out there to share their experiences?

Sounds like a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing!