My Turn To Get Fat

Married my wife back in '95- she weighed 205. Today my fat girl is a blown-out pig eating for her man. As a fat loving man I've spent a lifetime learning the calorie-enhancement cruisine cooking style all fattening girls love.

I've stayed thin the whole time but now, this year, I'm becoming fat! I just started eating what I always make for my wife. I'm eating like a fatso now and it really works. My fat is collecting and gathering. My belly shows some big hang now and my love handles are rising like yeast- surrounding me in bulging jiggle. I'm starting to feel my fat moving on me as I walk. My chest is rounding into moobs with some real nice folding sagging downward on my sides. These folds are being consumed by the rising love handles- as my fat accretes it races to my side bulges a little faster than it builds the rolls that feed into them. My love handles are spreading sideways too. So much so that I cant reach their end on the backside without switching hands.
I see my chin heaping up below my jaw in the screen reflection. I'm getting fat. I love saying that!
My nicest fat surprise is the roll forming below my belly hang. This started small and barely noticable but now my junk roll has puffed up and out to form a very soft mound of pillow-fat that warms my junk in a fat embrace. Fat has become my constant companion. Getting fat means I am never out of touch with our fat. I only want more.

I'm joining my fat wife! I love feeling fat and seeing fat every moment. My wife told me to eat and be fat with her. She likes my new fat and is surprised I stayed thin as long as I did. Now both of us are fat, both of are fattening the other.

We got fat!
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5 Responses Dec 9, 2012

That is a fantastic story and you've decribed the delights of being fat and wanting to be even fatter so wonderfully well hon , just wish I had someone to share and appreciate my fatness ,or better still join me !!

I wish I could join you and grow very, very fat! :)

You only got to ask ,you know that handsome ?

I know gorgeous. Guess it'll have to be online.

Say the word gorgeous and that could be us ?


Let's get fat!

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Nothing better than a fat married couple! Or an unmarried one either! ;)

So how's the blimp quest going?

i wish i could find someone to marry,and grow huge with

Congrats! Stay fat and happy you two!

I agree, being fat makes you happy and living in fat couple double your happiness.