Alpha Of Light Of The Lost Pack

I'm the alpha of the Light Of The Lost pack, and me and my mate are looking for people to join. Our pack's goal is to become wise and strong, we want to take in anyone, meaning if you're shifting age or not, no matter what your experience is as a wolf or anything like that. The only members are currently my mate and I. I hope some wolves will become interested in this and message me or CrimsonWolf38 :)
DarkCelestriaRose DarkCelestriaRose
18-21, F
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Im in... Im looking for other packs to meet. just send me friend request and ill talk with you.

Hey. I am looking for a pack if i could join you it would be just great :)

PM me and we'll talk about it

How can i do that? i am new to this site :)

Go onto my profile and click the message button

I can't enter you're profile. This user's general privacy restrictions prevent you from viewing their profile (code 899). You have not been blocked specifically.

That's an age restriction. Hang on. I'll add you to my circle.

Thank you :)

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