I Shifted With Out Me Noticing

Well the other night i was sleeping when suddenly i jump out of bed and go uncaucious the next morning i realized i had shifted and im like my wolf really wanted to be awake that night and ive been able to shift alot of times and everything is amazing when i hunt play with my pups (my little to looking wolf like i consider them my pups) and all that i mean its a wonderful pack im really glad to be the alpha and be able to shift and be the wolf i was meant to be and i when i roam the woods everythings diffrent theres happyness with my pups with my pack and chasing animals protecting my territory and my pack always and shifting into the wolf that night with out noticing i guess it means its ready to shift at night and be outside at night. Well All Of Yhu wanting to shift hopefuly yhu do cause my experience has on shifting has been the most amazing ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *howls*
alphacalla01 alphacalla01
13-15, F
1 Response May 17, 2012

I hope I find out how to shift