Join My Alphas (calla An Wolf) Wolf Pack !!

Hi, i am a pup in The Dalles Gray Wolf Pack, My Alpha is Calla Ann Wolf, We really want to make our pack larger, she has alot of territories almost every where, we really want to fill up every territory and be able to make ourpack the "Great Wolf Pack" Which what we mean by that is to make our pack the largest out of all pack other packs are welcomed to unite there pack with my alphas but yhu got to talk to her about that, and this "I Am Part Of My Pack The Dalles Gray" Is the group for our pack wich our pack for now is called "The Dalles Gray Wolf Pack" Thanx Me And My Alpha Will Be Waiting For Your Responses.
bushytailwolf01 bushytailwolf01
13-15, F
2 Responses May 24, 2012

Hi I'm a young wolf shifter in California. I need a pack and also help with shifting. I can't shift yet. My wolf is on the inside wanting to come out. Please I need your help.

The user on EP for my alpha is alphacalla01

Hey can I join and is it possible a person to turn into a wolf by an alpha bite ?

U have to be born one 😁