Politics, Economics And The Financial Industry

It's the 'BEND OVER FOR GROVER'  RULE, the Grover Norquist 'Don't Tax The Wealthiest' strategum, the greed over the people's health and welfare idiom that has ***-kicked the middle class in this country and has kept poverty-stricken underclass under their big thumb.  The plutocracy idealogy has sucked this country's economy dry, and turned America into a rotten apple, apple pie.

It is precisely this kind of politics that has seized our nation and our people from progressing into a brighter future our parents once thought possible. 

 We have gotten our economic ***** kicked TOTALLY by a Ruling Class for over the last 30 years. If you include the draft of the Vietnam War it is 45 years. It is absolutely astonishing!  However, this is nothing new, America has struggled to keep control of the money system and we were warned by those who tried to protect it,   Andrew Jackson and those who prevented handing over power to Banks, Abraham Lincoln.   America has yet to fully grasp, it's enormity, not comprehending the underhanded methodology to their currency manipulation.  Not just here but worldwide, as we watch economies tumble and the working class stumble on every continent.   There is one single connection - The banking system and gov't nexus.

As American's we must start UNDERSTANDING how the monetary and banking system of the Wall street, and Washington D.C. nexus works.
We must not allow banks to have control over the monetary system. Banks should not control the money.  The Banks and Wall Street manipulation in DC must end.  It is our ignorance they count on and have literally counted their Trillions on.  Three Hundred (300) million people both Red /Blue political partisans,  were bent over at will and shellacked. 

Americans have had no united voice, we have not spoken up or woken up in a united front to reject their 'business as usual' machine.
We have ALL been hit, sideblinded, no matter what your party affiliation of Red or Blue and as irony has it, we were hit hard until red and blue.

Whether you play for the Red Team or Blue Team, please understand the white.  Understand the GOD spirit of truth.  Although the colors of Red and Blue on our flag are divided into separate sections of the flag, both are shown with the color of  white. White is the connection to each political party. Although each color is distinct within it's own region, both illustratively and philosophically, each borders to white, the purity.  People desire a pure sovereign government, one that is not controlled or manipulated by any one entity of a few powerful people.     White stands as pure truth.  It is the white that we both grasp.   If we have our eyes open and can intellectually grasp it's importance, it shall be the white that unites us as a people to our country.

Understand, as a people we must not be divided.  Yes, we have our differences of ideology but until we agree on one premise to stop corruption, the nation will be divided.  A divided nation yields to the same hoolagans, who will win out.   We must end corruption.  We must stand united in one simple premise- get rid of those in politics, in congress who are corrupt, who are placating to Big Banks and Wall Street.   Red or Blue we must change the dynamics to the modus operandi to which they operate.   We must legislate for needed changes in our dysfunctional Wallstreet -DC nexus.  

(1) People have to educate themselves

(2) OWS has to evolve into a NEW Political Party of HIGH INFORMATION VOTERS on the issue of who is to have the "MONEY POWER" in human society or we are absolutely finished as a nation.

A friend of mine with an economics degree from an Ivy League School who worked in the financial industry and left after witnessing the incredible game of greed, suggested the following articles.

We are all busy and most of us don't have time to read everything, but Please, copy these links and read them when you can make time.

.THE SECRET OF OZ - Bill Still

LIFE INC. - Douglas Rushkoff

WEB OF DEBT - Ellen Brown (1 of 5)

"THE LOST SCIENCE OF MONEY" by Stephen A. Zarlenga


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Well....I don't know what the best system is ! That's for darn sure.<br />
<br />
I do know wealth equals power. And when the balance of power gets lopsided the powerful never give up control volunatrily. I like private property, I like free enterprise so I prefer the field to be taxed level. Much better then bull dozed by force.

I don't know, I'm ten minutes into this and not one word about growth and productivity....its disengenuous.