Can I Apply For Coucil House?

I not long ago got married from a guy from pakistan in emgland and we had our big fat asian wedding and wngliah registry after that we applied for his visa and 9 months later he got his visa and i happly had a baby boy .. Two years later he has to apply for settlement visa but i was jus windering currently im living with his brother in a 4 bedroom house and there is 11 of us living there me my husband and son in one room and they have 5 kids under 15 including them which is 7 we are living in crapmed conditions i was jus wondering they say were not eligble for public funding but yet im entitled to child benifit and child workig tax credit so can i get a council house orno because our inlaws kids are growig up and they want us out yhe house PLEAE SOMEONE HELP ME AND GET BACK TO ME ASAP
LoveKilz LoveKilz
18-21, F
Feb 11, 2013