Hello. I am spirit's friend she wanted me to let the pack know that for those who care she is in the hospital. Spirit stabbed herself near the heart. Her parents told me that the paramedic said that from what it looks like she missed the heart only by an inch and they are unsure about how bad the damage is or how much blood is she loosing. Since she was conscious when the ambulance loaded her up and took off I am pretty sure she has a good chance of making it. Will update how she is doing in the morning.
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i dont have a wolf pack of my own. iam Glad spirit is ok. I hope she wasnt suicidal. ive tried to kill myself a couple times. I have a lot of empathy and compassion for people struggling with suicidal thoughts. And yes not all wolves are hell hounds some are by choice. I hope you realize that God is with you even if you are a werewolf.

thank you i am ok now

i dont have a wolf pack of my own.

i dont have a wolf pack of my own.

Just to let everyone know spirit is ok now and is on her way home

Oh man! That's horrible!