I am not trying to start anything between anyone, but if Nick said he left to protect us well i believe him but he should of told someone before so, or we could of helped you. I know many of you guys are upset or are not upset anymore ,but we have to realize that everyone makes mistakes and i think he should get a second chance. I know some of you might not like him anymore because your upset that he lied ,but don't we all lie to each other, and ourselves. And the good thing is at least we know he is truely sorry and I hope Him and Snow can work things out between each other, and the ones that are still upset can learn to forgive him.

brokenedspirit brokenedspirit
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1 Response Sep 23, 2012

I agree. Im over it because before i knew why he did it, it was a stupid reason. But nick were all good. I hope all you other members of dark moon can forgive him in time.