Ello Is There A Place For Alone Wolf

let me introduce myself im (caeruleus) will you accept alone wolf like me in your pack i don't have one yet
grayneck grayneck
22-25, M
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

my entire pack is in the eastern side of the states o-o le far XD

i'd love to join thanx but the thing is am a lil far frome u

Am the alpha female of this pack , pm me

Yea i been trying to find at least 1 near me but no luck XD plus its hard being alpha while they are far...but i try anyways i wish u the best of luck to find a pack n.n

ok snow thanx and senna az wolves we'r a big family right so the distance is just an illusion

Welcome grayneck

hmmmmm ah wakarimashita... thats very very intresting i never thought of it like that..Grey-san

manga lover hun =) or u just speak Japanese maby

Im majoring in japanese :3 so it try to practice it so i wont forget D: such a difficult language to master

=) I'm trying to learn Japanese at home by my self it's a lil hard

Jaa honto desu ka? un hajimemashite Karureus-san watashi wa Senna desu. ^.^ Yoroshiku onegaishimasu OuO... Un nihongo muzukashi desu ne....

Wow XD to ba able to say this on ur own is amazing. I admire you for studying it on ur own, even though im getting taught im having a very hard time but if u need help i can try to teach u all that i know so far how about that? XD

that would be great =)

sweet XD

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