Freedom Is Mine

today i went to the woods to hunt but after the rain there were no scent of animals the only thing i could smell was the dirt soaked with water the atmosphere was great and that's when i felt that freedom was mine alone in the woods no humans no cars no pollution nothing but me and mother earth
grayneck grayneck
22-25, M
1 Response Nov 30, 2012

sound great! :)

it was =) it's great every time i go hunting and for u ?

I heavent shifted yet, but i sure enjoi a walk or run in The woods with Antira as my company ;) (Antira is my wolves name)

I heavent shifted as well i hunt in my human forme my senses are sharper than a normal human I'm stuck in my human body :(
but I'm still a wolf =)

I see do you think u will shift someday?

i wish but i think i need an awakening

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