New To The Pack.

So some basics, call me Jamie, I'm 20 and in college. Nothing big, or majorly important about me you need to know.

Snow is a very distant cousin of mine, we knew each other when we were really, really little and just recently have started talking again.

I don't do well with being ordered around. I understand doing things that need to be done but try and push me and you'll regret it.

I spent a year before college traveling around to some different places in the world.

And I do not live alone, I live with my late spouse's daughter who in spirit is also my daughter.

Lay a finger on her and I kill you.

Also, I can be short tempered if you bring up the wrong subject. Can't say I didn't warn you.

But I'm nice if you get to know me... Somewhat.
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2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Hi I'm Ryu, you can call me Dara if you wish ^^

Nice to meet you Dara

Hello im Blue... Im the pack Eta and pack Medic. Feel free to pm me whenever you like^_^:)

Alright, you'd have to add me though. Your profile settings won't let me see your profile. Nice to met ya Blue.

Okay ill add you, and it's nice to meet you as well!


It won't let me add you, but i changed my profile settings

Still can't see your profile

:| let me try this again

Lemme know when you've changed it

Yeah i tried changing it again so you can try now... But i don't know if it'll work

Still wont let me

Oh okay...

Try taking off all your privacy setting than adding me

Okay i did that

Did it let you add me?

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