Hey my name is jessica or you can call me dark a lot of people do. Right now i am on pack trial. So i figured i would tell yall a little bit about me. I am 15a years old, i am a 1stgrey degree black belt in siki ru ha kempo. I love to read write be outdoors. And just hang out. I am kind, creative, i never give up. I am dependable, loyal and most of all i just like to help. I am also an empath. I have very little but some control over fire. And any weapon i touch i can instantly use pretty well. If you got any qeutions or just want to talk message ir write kn my whiteboard. :)
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Congrats to you!

Dark, how.....you said you had to leave the pack, and yet you join another one?! Why not just step down as alpha and get a lower rank with less job to do. Look do what you want but now you made me sad and mad.

She has a right to join who she wishes. Don't take it so personally

I know, I said she can what she wants didnt I? But Dark said he was to busy for a pack and now this. How do you expect me to feel hu?

Cut your losses and move on? You shouldn't let your emotions get the best of you like that

Belive me Im not, but this upsets me. Dark do what you want.

Shadow let Dark do what she wants to do. If she feels better with us (Dark Moons) then you should be happy for her... instead of trying to make her feel bad

I did say dark can do what dark wants okay.

It don't recall your saying of that

I quote "Look do what you want" And I say it again dark can do what he wants.


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