Whats Going To Happen

Ok guys this is how it is going to go, I am making a new group page and ONLY PACK MEMBERS join it. There will be tests coming to see if you have a certain knowledge. All those under 15 will be giving no rank but will be trained for the rank they think they are suitable for. New rules will be made as well. Once you join the pack there is now backing out. Any members who are planning on leaving you leave now and will not be back in the pack. If you have any suggestions then let me know.
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I like the ideas, but remember some of those members that are under the age of 15 but have a higher maturity level than others should probably be treated the same as a 15 year old wolf. Just a suggestion....

Yea I know, those who are mature will be trained for more mature ranks

Okay, i was just wondering

That includes you don't worry, I have a rank in mind.


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