Hey guys Vic asked me to let y'all know something.
We all thought Kyu was dead but now that is not the case, Kyu is alive. Her family only made up that she was dead.
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Why would they say she's dead? Why isn't she on ep?

ask vic

Okay, well its good to know she's ok

Remember the insanity thing? They put her in a mental house

Oh okay

For how long?


Poor kyu:(

She wrote her niece saying she's doing fine. She's got a new girl there and everything so don't worry about it

Don't worry? How could somebody not worry?

Because she's doing fine and it a place where people are taking care of her. It's not like a place where she's stuck in a room all day. It's more so like retirement homes

Oh okay, i had a different idea of what a mental house might be like. But as long as she's ok and happy


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