To the red moon pack, watch your backs, Williamsaw is planning on hunting you down, i highly suggest your never on your own, remember you have Allied packs so you ever need help, call us.

Watch your backs

~Kaison (Alpha male of Black moons pack)
KaisonWolf KaisonWolf
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He's nothing

Kaison I know I'm not part of your pack,but Williamsaw is no threat,he says he is,but he's just another young~want to be~cool human.

Yeah. Not many humans want to be friends with wolves.

who is williamsaw?

A hunter.

He's not a real hunter.

Yeah,I know,but hmmmmm......I don't know how else to describe him.

An annoying pokemon character?

That'll work.

I have argued with him before I know he is no real threat.

I have too. He's just a big mouth.


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Thank you for the information

Hopefully Most of the pack will be okay due to the fact alot of people here live in the US. Im kinda worried as I live in the UK but ill be okay.

You got me sis

Is he in the UK? Because I live in the UK too… Help!

No he's in the US

Ok, Thank you. I wish the best for all the pack and hope they are ok. Keep vigilant :)


Kaison I have argued with him already... He isn't a real hunter, I can sense it because of his vibes.

I thought so. Hunters don't tell wolves their going to hunt them. That just do it.

Indeed, also I argued with him about 3 months ago, and see, I'm still here, haven't even seen him.

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I shall be on the look out to protect to the pack...