New Here :)

Hey guys! So, I'm new to this group (obviously), Sagata allowed me to join the pack and im really looking forward to meeting new people :D Im not a werewolf, im a human :p im a really shy person around new people but once you get to know me, BAM im a totally different person :) I have brown-ish red-ish hair and my eyes are black in colour and im 160 cm :) So, i guess thats it? Talk to me. I dont bite :)
sabrina0220 sabrina0220
18-21, F
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Ohai! Sorry I missed the party! :D

Heyyyyyy :D Wait what party?? :O

Da welcoming Sabrina party. :(

Nawww there is maybe next time :c So, emolia, Where are you from? ^_^

I was from a big city somewhere, where winters were really cold. But now I live in Pennsylvania. :)

Oooo pennsylvania :O Im from Malaysia ^_^ Nice to meet you, emolia :)

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Heyyyy :D

welcome to the pack fellow human :3

Thanks :D

@kuroyuri who? me? Thanks :D

@kuroyuri hahahah so heyyyyy :D where ya from?? :)

Im from Malaysia :D

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Hi! And welcome! :D

Hey! thanks :D

Hello, and welcome to the pack!

hey, and thanks! :)