Good Evening Ladies And Gentlemen.

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. I am new to this pack and thought I would make the effort to introduce myself. First of I am 19, born an raised in Virginia, still there. I have always had connection to wolves and my wolf spirit.
I gained a closer connection to it during my teenage years and grown control it better. I thought I had a good control over it till I neared my 19th birthday. Then I had a power surge and outburst with that. I since then have been trying to learn more about myself and more about my other side. I have had a more close connection to my spirit wolf and the past lives and my past lives I shared with this wolf.
I have been searching for more people like me that I can be myself with and to open up with. I am looking to help people who are going through things with such that they don't understand. I am here for anyone that needs a hand and will do anything to help. It may take awhile for me to be fully comfortable opening all the way up and such with everyone, but with time I will.
If anyone needs anything I will try my best to lend a hand.
Seth1563 Seth1563
18-21, M
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Hello! Welcome :)

Hey! nice to meet you and welcome to the pack ! :D

Thanks, nice to meet you also.