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So I have been having dreams recently, which is new for me. For one when I sleep I am just like blacked out then just wake up in the morning, but latey I have been having dreams, of things that will happen.
One involves my father's death and how I find him. And he has been sick lately and is having heart problems. He is unable to get out and work as normal or breath right.
The others show me places, and show me on the run from something, after the 21st. Kinda like I surive the end of the world and I am on the run trying to live. But in one of these dreams I see a house in a field that I am staying at. It is a old run down shack and there is a creepy old dead tree near there in the middle of the field.
Well I was on google earth looking around my house and I see a big clearing with a house in the middle, with no way to get to it, other then going through the woods. So today I went to it and it is the house from my dream. The tree is there and everything is as it was in my dream. Also I found two old like Indian craves with the stones pilled over the top of them.
I am not sure what my dreams are trying to lead me to and I don't know if I should keep following them. But I am wondering how everything I see I find and is happening.
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1st the world is not ending, it is better said, a new beginning... No one is dying the 21st, except for those of old age, or who are sick that naturally will go, as many others before... And of course those people who will commit suicide because they are afraid of the "end of the world". 2nd you might be a foreseer, someone who sees the future, I already saw your comment on the other story, I'll PM you.

I understand, I don't really see it ending either. My dream changed, or I just saw what happens later on more clearly like the cause. I made a reference to ed of the world cause I didn't know what had really happened, but I saw something to the affect that added up to my other dreams. But yes something is going to happen, it will be a new beginning.