My Story.

I was not born a wolf. I was more turn into one. Not by a bitten. it more like change. it's hard to say. I'm a white wolf with yellow or green eyes. So if you would take me in i would love that. i need people with me so i don't go crazy on the human i have to work with.
Saya2263 Saya2263
26-30, F
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hay Saya2263 i would like to know how you changed into a wolf ive tryied spells and that stuff not that they dont work because they do its just i am kinda of a newbie in my pack because i havent shifted yet and i need to know how if you can explain it

OM me. I'm Sagata, the Alpha Female of the Red Moon Pack.

I would but it wont let me pm anyone that is not my age i guess. I been trying to fix it for awhile.

ok, I'll send you a message first.

forget about that, apparently, O can't acces your profile...

Yep. I dont know why it does that. i mean everything it set right.

Try to add me to your circle... It says I can't add you...

it does the same when i try to add you

... I really don't know what to do then...

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