I look around...and I see everything. Everything other's cannot. The guardians, the protectors, everything. The forest, the creatures, the rivers, streams. Eyes, beings, the energy. The ability to piece everything together, is amazing. I can see parts of the puzzle others cannot. The creatures that play in your eyes, all around, in front of you, and yet you cant notice, or have any actual sense of their existence. Its almost impossible to describe. How everything is linked. This, is a cross between science, religion, and magick. Everything...im not sure how to describe it.
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The beautiful complexity of Mother Nature and all her beings should never be overlooked nor forgotten...

noting that you said ALL her beings *cough* vampire haters *cough*
seriously though what's wrong with us

I am fine with vampires ^^ I am sorry if what I said offended you in any way. I have no grudge against your kind. *nuzzle* I don't hate vampires.

Didn't think you did, but seriously too many vampire haters with no good reasons


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It is something most don't understand, how when we are a part of the univers, and not just the world, how we are so small in reality, and some times they think that they are so mighty and strong... When we are less than an ant in this huge place, a place we might really never know... People have had many different religions through ages, most of them believing in a supreme being high above everyone. Science has proven us that some thing one can't just explain in words, that there are things that only that god each one believes in a different way must know. Magic is what we see through to understand the full existence of us, of art, of science. All that is unexplainable, but yet works. That's what understanding is all about.

You are welcome Jaguar :)

Interesting but what do you see? Can you see people's purpous in life? Or something else.

ooohh i have a purpose in life!! and i was born with it XD !!