Is it me or is anyone else interested in parkour??? I love it :D I'm trying to find a place to learn but can't soon ya but does anyone else like parkour?
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Uhhmm.. Guys what is parkour ? xD

Same question coming from me O.o

Parkour is the art of getting to one place from anouther in the fastest way possible by running, climbing and any other thing you can do. Or just running around and climbing stuff for fun.

Cool! Thanks for explaining ^^ I wish I could do that :)

Like a spidermonkey >:3

Lol, yeah! =:-D



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There is actual parkour courses you can take, depending if there are any trainers in your area, I'm currently a student of a Parkour academy

I live in Alabama and there is only a gymnastics place where I live

Ask the gymnastics coach

You don't need a gym man just get outside and train use online to learn that's how i did it!

I would like to do parkour but we don't have anywhere near us I could learn.

I'm an alright tracteur. But I just started out a couple of months ago. Good workout I'd have to say.

Do you know any good gyms in Alabama?

I live in New Bruswick which is in Canada.

Oh ok. What is it like there?

It's alright I don't have much places to practice though.

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