Can I Join?

Well, I was seeing some of the older stories of this group and added Sagata some time ago... :) I wld like to know if I could join (pwetty pwies)... Wll some background info 'bout my self. I think I might be a mermaid (not quite sure yet, hasn't been proven, check my stories for more info)... And I'm very interested in all super human, thing people believe to be fiction (know is not), magik and more.... I would be honored if I wld be allowed into this pack, as I've seen you accept any species as long as loyal (I promise to beeee!!!). Well thnxs 4 reading!

NyxNight NyxNight
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Ohh a mermaid thats so cool ^w^


PM me Nyx, :)