Pack Ranks

There have been many new commers who I haven't added, If you aren't on the list please tell me!

Alpha Female: Sagata

Female Beta: Silvia (not online)


Pack Gammas: Kuroyuri, and YoungPaw123

Pack Lead Guardian: DarkSoul9

The Pack Guardians:Crystalmovingstars, Emolia, and Silverfang24

The Pack Scouts: Kizaki, Saphirelake, and Dante8888

Tactical Force Lead: Wolf911

Tactical Force Crew: Jaguarboy, ARougeLycan, Deadlyencounter, Camohunter121

Foreseer: Seth1563

Pack Members:

Articwolf15, Alphawerewolf002, Andrecano, Brprice199, Dhanz, Gingercat79, Invisablewolf, Kittycatlover42, Mraval913, Nightwolfe, Pan21, ReachOut98, bloodwolf14, Bigshepherd, Bluewolf2, RedMoonWolf, Thatbluedudenextdoor, theblessingofinsanity, truelonewolf, werewolf321, wolf911, LittleMiku, and wolfh

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Allied Packs: The Dark Moons Wolf Pack, The Black Moons Wolf Pack, The Sunset Moon Pack, The Full Moon Pack, The Blackblood Pack, The Unbroken Pack

Honored Guests: Isabela (Wiccan), Devin55, ANOSMICxWOLF
Sagata Sagata
18-21, F
8 Responses Jan 20, 2013

We no longer have a pack lead guardian and Jaguarboy has left the pack.

Wait WHAT?

You have been gone a long time,; many things have happened.... Dark and Jag have left....

Arethey the only ones?

I have no idea; everything and everybody seems to have lost track... But at least I think this needs updating...

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Can u add me?

PM me.

Hey I was wondering if I could join

PM me.

I'm new & not on the list can't go to your profile though

Have we talked already?

I don't think so

Then PM me, I am the Alpha of the pack.

It won't let me access your profile

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Sagata I would like to speak with you in private please private message me.

Of course.

I notice that "the howling wind pack" is your allies. I am sorry to say that, that pack has been disbanded due to some internal problems. im not sure about the other members but I as a lone wolf would like to be allies with your pack

Thank you Anosmic, for the information. You will be added to honored guests, as the allies are other packs.

okay cool

What is the fourseer???

Some one with the ability to sometimes see the future, he fore sees things.

Can I be delta male?

Deltas are those in training to be either Beta or Alpha, they are in my physical pack, but asked me to keep it as anonymous... Sorry.