The Moon?!

If anyone is in America right now look at the sky, if its 8:52 at night where u are, look for the moon, there's something going on. There is a HUGE RING around it. And it's really really dark in that area but no where else.... Explanation?
ARogueLycan ARogueLycan
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

no no no... it wasnt that,,, there was a huge, ring AROUND the moon, like i mean really big. it was like as iff there was a black hole around it but i dont know how to really explain it... it was crazy

i know what you mean , it was like that the night of my birthday . and i pointed it out to my mom and she couldnt tell me what it was .

I belive they call it a lunar eclipse. It's when something blocks the light of the sun from hitting the moon. It happens about once a month. Completely normal occurance.

Its the same as solar eclipse, when the moon blocks the sun