Whose The Alpha Male

to tell the truth I'm the true leader of every wolf pack in the world. for I am the GREAT ONE there are two more leaders. A man AND a WOMAN.
therefore whoever challenges me shall lose i am wiser stronger and faster i will dominate
beast3 beast3
13-15, M
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You can't be serious right? Stop trolling there is no way you could beat everyone in this pack! Your probably some ten year old troll trying to pick a fight

Beast3..... let me summirize everything that the Red Moon has to say to you..... shut the *** up, your pathetic, and the great one? ok, Challenge accepted

This is sad. No ultimate Alpha, and even if there was, there would only be two, not three. I'm guessing you're a troll, but I don't know what world you're living in

There is no "ultimate alpha" who controls all the packs. It would be impossible to do that, because alphas really only in physical packs. So don't tell me you can control every pack on earth because you can't teleport between packs. Also if you think you can control Every pack online that is rediculous. They won't listen to a 13-15 year old kid on the internet. Plus I dout your stronger than half of the people here so you should probably leave plus you seem to be a bit narsassistic don't you? "therefore whoever challenges me shall lose i am wiser stronger and faster i will dominate." If you wan'ted to join this pack you just lost your chance and rubbed a buch of us the wrong way.

Sure you are.

Dear Beast3, Currently there is no Alpha male in this pack, as that place is reserved for the one who shall become my mate, that person should earn it, and not just be all napoleon about him self. Also, you are not part of this pack, therefore can't be nor Alpha nor Omega. So better put that in your sandwich and choke on it.

Oh no you didn't :P oh snap

...BAhahahahahaha! Omfg that, that is funny. For a second there I thought you were serious


Delete this. You are making a total fool out of yourself..

Ok then